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Not so happy birthday

Well, I couldn't sleep and it's 37 minutes into my birthday. You'd think I'd be excited or whatever, but how can I be excited when I've hurt everyone around me? Joey's upset, Laura's lying about the baby, Angel doesn't understand why her daddy and papa aren't speaking to each other or sleeping in the same room, Kelly -- need I say anymore about her?

Lets see, who else...

My dad; even though he dosen't anything, I can pretty much tell by the looks he gives me that he hates me

Stacey, Amit, and Heather, are MIA...usually they call me every week or so, but I haven't heard from them in nearly a month ... I guess I pissed them off too or something...

Justin, Chris, and JC are off doing whatever ... my entire fortune says they don't remember tomorrow ... if they do, that'll be the first time they've talked to me since Stacey and Chris split.

*goes to the kitchen and pours a single glass of wine - carries the bottle to the living room and sets it on the coffee table - walks over to a mirror and toasts* Happy birthday Lance. You've succeeded in upseting, hurting, or just plain pissing off everyone who's close to you. Good job *hurt/upset/sarcastic/+ more*

*downs the glass in one gulp and returns to sit before the fire, determined to finish the entire bottle alone*
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