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greetings from Sweden

Wow, long time no see or hear from me huh? Sorry :(

Lots has been going on with me, my boyfriend, and my girlfriend. Heather and I are in Sweden right now with Amit. He told his parents about the two of us and well...he's mom took it alright. But his dad...lets just say that his dad and my dad are very similar.

James are having a blast here but then again, he'd be having a blast anywhere - he's a 2 month old, what can you expect? I know Lily misses Chris, she talks about him constantly and every night she is asking me "when are we going back home?" I've tried calling Chris a couple of times while we were here, but he's never been home.

I would love to just stay here in Sweden for the rest of my life - it's so quiet and peaceful here - no fans running up to you because you're brother is a member of a popular group. I don't think the people here know about the relationship I share with Heather and Amit yet. But given time, they will find out - they always do. But that's not going to stop us from spending time in Sweden though. We, Amit and I, so had Heather going yesterday. We played a trick on her, telling her we were going to sell the three homes in the States and move to Sweden permentally. Oh the look on her face was priceless. Don't worry babydoll - we're not moving here - spending about half a year or so here, but not the entire year.

I heard Lance and Joey were in the Bahama's with Angel. She must also be having a blast there. The little girl is growing up so fast Lance tells me. She's starting school this year too and can't wait. Oh, and Lance, did Joey tell you the surprise yet? *giggles* He told me a few weeks ago what he was planning and he said that he was going to tell you in the Bahama's.

I find myself thinking of Chris a lot still. Don't get me wrong, I love Amit and Heather with all my heart. They're my soul mates - I truely believe we were meant to be together. But I still do love Chris. He's the father of my children and I will always have a special place in my heart for him. I do hope that even though we've been through a lot, he will still allow me to call him my friend.

Well, James is waking up from his nap, so I better end this greeting for now. We'll call everyone when we get back home and maybe we can all get together like the good old days. Speaking of which, the following people need to like, get in touch with me before I cry cause I miss them :(

Britney and Dan
Jessica and Nick
Sami and Tyler
Mom (especailly)

Don't make me do like my brother does and break out the water balloons and silly string cause you know I will ;)
Yes my brother has taught me well the art of soaking and stringing lol
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